Powerpoint for area Teacher Assistant meetings

Becoming a highly qualified Teacher Assistant requires:

  • Completing 96+ hours of continuing education

  • Demonstrating knowledge through formal assessment in math, reading, and writing

Wake Tech offers a program by which teachers assistants can complete a Career Readiness Certificate.
At the conclusion of the program, participants complete the following Work Keys assessments:
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information (not required by Wake County Schools)
  • Reading for Information

Wake County Teacher Assistants must add the Business Writing Assessment to their program of study in order to meet the high quality requirements. This can be added by simply notifying Wake Tech at the time of enrollment.

Participating in the Career Readiness Certificate program will include some continuing education hours, but additional hours from other educational experiences will be needed to meet the 96 hour requirement to become highly qualified. Any credits earned since January 8, 2002 and included on your eSchools transcript or any college transcript can be counted towards the 96 hours of continuing education.
General information about the Career Readiness Certificate can be found Here

Wake Tech - Summer 2013 Timeline for enrollment and assessment schedule

Tuition and fees may be waived (free) for individuals who meet the following criteria:
  • Unemployed
  • Received notification of pending layoff
  • Working and eligible for Federal Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Working and earning wages at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty guidelines (below $21,660.00 per year)

For more information about the waiver, please email pstaylor@waketech.edu or call 919-532-5696.
For more information about the Career ReadinessCertificate Program, contact Rena Ferraro at rmferraro@waketech.edu or 919-532-5697.

Wake Tech PPT

Teacher Assistants who took the Work Keys Assessments in the past, but do not have copies of their score transcript will need to order a duplicatefrom the testing agency. This link contains information for doing so:

Teacher Assistants in WCPSS may contact Leigh Mobley at mmobley@wcpss.net or 919-854-1793 or Patty Carter at pcarter@wcpss.net or 919-431-7694 for information about completing the requirements for becoming Highly Qualified under No Child Left Behind.

eSchools managers

eSchools managers should use the attached directions to add credit hours for Teacher Assistants.


As soon as any Teacher Assistant has met all of the requirements for HQ, please send all information to Leigh Mobley in HR at Crossroads I through courier. Do not wait until all Teacher Assistants at your school have completed all of the requirements.